Result 4: Mental Health Leader’s Handbook

The Mental Health Leader’s Handbook is a comprehensive study that facilitates a smooth start to activities, as well as a new role and a smooth start to activities.
The handbook structures activities, provides solutions as well as tools. It is useful no matter what option of implementing the Mental Health Leader role is adopted in an organisation – for those in the role, for managers, HR staff, team leaders and organisations.

The manual has two parts.

The first is an introduction to the new role, in four chapters:

  • Description of the role and responsibilities,
  • What support do I have to offer?
  • What support can I expect as a Leader from the organisation?
  • Action Plan for the Leader. The first step as a Leader.

The second part is a toolbox, containing 12 tools useful in the role of MHL.

List of tools:

Checklist to Help You Analyse Your Organisation’s Situation

  • Actions on the Level of Organisation and on the Level of the Individuals
  • Action Plan
  • Brave Conversations about Mental Health – how to have one.
  • Who’s Who in the World of Mental Health Professionals
  • Circles of Support
  • Work with Resistance
  • Challenges in the Organisation
  • 4 x T
  • Stinky Fish
  • Grounding Technique
  • Coach Yourself out of a Funk in 3 Steps

Result 1: Mental Health Leader Professional Profile

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Result 3: Curriculum and trainer’s manual

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