Diversity Hub – project leader


Diversity Hub (DH) is the leading organisation in Poland dealing in a systemic way with the topic of mental health in the workplace and supporting the topic of inclusion and building an open working environment.

In 7 years of existence it has become a key actor supporting currently more than 150 large organisations, working with public administration (training in mental health also for the employees of ministries) and with 6 universities, leading the European D&I Network, organising the biggest annual conference in the CEE region in the field of inclusion, with more than 60 major publications, 2 books, more than 1000 trainings delivered, 17 conferences, running local excellence circles in the area of inclusion and (separately) mental health, running its own Network Support Centre, conducting research, providing expert opinion in key media, running free events such as “May Day with Mental Health”, implementing traditional training, e-learning, train the trainer, creating entire inclusion strategies for major brands.

Merseyside Expanding Horizons


Merseyside Expanding Horizons Ltd (MEH) is a recognised leading voluntary and community organisation active in the area of social inclusion, focusing on supporting disadvantaged people into employment. Not only is it a leading organisation in its region, working with local administrations, Job Centres, with universities, with business and NGOs etc., but it is also an active player at national and EU level, with an active involvement in dozens of projects in the area of social innovation social innovation, education and development. At EU and local level, it has extensive experience in supporting people in mental health crisis and/or supporting the employment of people with mental health problems.

MEH has extensive experience of working on dozens of international projects and his experience includes projects in the area of, among others:

  • supporting people with mental health problems to access employment and self-employment opportunities;
  • engaging disadvantaged young people, social inclusion, informal learning;
  • promoting mental health / wellbeing in the workplace;
  • mental health, including IPS and person-centred planning;
  • co-creating new ways of working and methodologies for mental health and social inclusion support.

Ljudska univerza Velenje


Ljudska univerza Velenje (LUV), founded in 1959, is a public (non-profit) adult education institution. It employs a permanent staff of 29, supported additionally by more than 60 contract teachers. It is therefore an organisation with significant influence, strong organisational and human potential and a strong content base. LUV’s key area of activity is the sphere of formal and informal adult education. In particular, it runs programmes including an adult primary school, secondary vocational programmes, secondary vocational, language and IT courses tailored to different target groups (NEET youth, business, seniors), labour market-oriented programmes, a social activation programme, courses, workshops and national and international projects.

LUV also has 2 intergenerational education centres and Pattern City, an ecosystem for education, experimentation, prototyping and innovation. The unique, interactive digital learning environment focuses on providing interdisciplinary along with action and play-based learning methods. LUV also runs a social inclusion programme, focusing on improving their employability. LUV works in the community, supporting rural areas through development programmes and training to improve basic and entrepreneurial skills. LUV is actively involved in various local, regional and national initiatives and actions (lifelong learning week, educational festivals and other events).



GROWTHCOOP (GROW) is an organisation founded by individuals with many years of experience in the implementation of development projects, social initiatives and projects aimed at the inclusion and greater innovation of the working environment.
GROWTHCOOP is a leader in networking organisations working in the field of social innovation, consultancy education and lifelong learning. It works with partners in almost all European countries. It is one of the more recognisable actors organising activities aimed at building support networks and exchanging competences on a transnational level, and thus an actor with a strong capacity for consultation of project results and dissemination.
GROWTHCOOP’s main objective is to introduce new ideas with a high social impact in organisations and thus with a high social impact, especially in areas such as work balance, mental health, slow management and emotion management.