About the project

Mental Health Leader

The key problem addressed by the project is filling an important gap, consisting in the lack of systemic solutions enabling companies to manage employee support in the area of mental health, and in this way – to take care of the mental condition of the staff, which has a direct impact on commitment or work effects. This gap is to be filled by creating a standard for the new professional role of “Mental Health Leader” – which is responsible for the coordination, professionalization and regularity of companies’ activities in the field of mental health.

The goal of the project is to create, test, implement in testing companies and promote a new professional role (function), referred to as “Mental Health Leader”, operating in the fields of:

building systemic support for mental health in the organization;

coordination of activities - prevention / coping with a psychological crisis;

peer-supporting managers and employees;

promoting behaviors that help maintain good mental condition.

All results will be developed in close cooperation with the target group (design thinking and users experience methodology, consultation of each result), which guarantees their adequacy and increases sustainability. The immediate target group are working people who are ready to take on the role of MH Leader, as well as organizations employing them, under which the new role will be implemented. The constitution of the new role means that the project has an impact on a wider group of recipients – employees of the companies in which the Leader will operate, and organization of the business environment with which he will cooperate (NGOs, administration etc.). The project also has an overall impact on raising awareness of the importance of mental health in the workplace.

Achieving goal will be possible by developing complementary solutions:

standard of the new role (professional profile);

description of the process of selecting (selecting) a new role;

recommendations on the implementation of the new role;

a detailed description of the development process (syllabus / training program + trainer manual);

practical tips for performing a new role (handbook);

enabling the promotion of a new role in the organization (educational and promotional materials).