Result 5: Promoting and building understanding for the role of MH Leader

In order to gain a better understanding of the role of the Mental Health Leader and how to respond to the needs of the organisation, interviews were conducted with experts, managers and staff from different organisations in the project’s partner countries – Poland, the UK, Slovenia and Spain.

Watch a series of short interviews on the project’s YouTube channel.




Result 1: Mental Health Leader Professional Profile

The process of developing the Mental Health Leader’s organisational role description in the organisation had a few stages. It involved both analysis of existing solutions and creative work on the needs of beneficiaries. The legal framework was taken into account, as...

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Result 3: Curriculum and trainer’s manual

The Mental Health Leader development programme consists of four training modules. The modules are designed to be used by any trainer, organization or training company. They are aimed at people with coaching experience who can use them as a basis for a Mental Health...

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Result 4: Mental Health Leader’s Handbook

The Mental Health Leader's Handbook is a comprehensive study that facilitates a smooth start to activities, as well as a new role and a smooth start to activities.The handbook structures activities, provides solutions as well as tools. It is useful no matter what...

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