Result 1: Mental Health Leader Professional Profile

The outcome of IO1 is to lay the foundation for the subsequent actual identification, implementation, development and evaluation of the new professional role - Mental Health Leader.. DZIAŁANIE 1 MAPPING and DESIGN THINKING SESSION DZIAŁANIE 2: DEFINING ROLE...

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Result 3: Curriculum and trainer’s manual

the development of an innovative curriculum and the provision of a solution that will enable the execution of this curriculum by any training company, which includes: ACTION 1: DEVELOPING A DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (SYLLABUS) The purpose of this action is to develop a...

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Result 4: Mental Health Leader’s Handbook

Providing the MH Leader with tools and solutions (handbook) that will allow him to perform his new role effectively and start his activity smoothly. The purpose of the handbook is to organise the methodical activities of Leader and to facilitate the "start" of the...

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